Quincy Whorf

Clarity Coach
International Motivational Speaker
Workshop Innovator and Leader

About Quincy

Quincy Whorf is a renowned emotional intelligence coach and expert, passionately dedicated to healing the world through fostering understanding, empathy, and harmonious relationships. With over two decades of extensive experience, Quincy has mastered the art of guiding individuals toward greater self-awareness and emotional competence, empowering them to navigate both personal and professional landscapes with grace and insight.

Her transformative work is anchored in the belief that understanding and managing our emotions is pivotal to creating a more peaceful and connected world. Quincy’s approach combines scientifically-backed methodologies with a heartfelt commitment to each of her clients, enabling profound growth and enduring change. Whether she’s working with corporate teams to improve organizational culture or with individuals striving for personal development, Quincy’s unwavering mission is to help build a world where we can all get along better.

Through her skillful coaching and inspiring leadership, Quincy is not only making a difference in the lives of her clients but also contributing to a larger vision of a more empathetic and emotionally intelligent global community. Her dedication is a beacon of hope, guiding us all toward greater unity and understanding.


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What they're saying.

Quincy is a problem solver. Quincy was able to help me understand myself and my relationship better. I was also able to understand how my family's past made a connection to my current life.
Personal, root causing, teaching in the moment, us strong personalities - she did not let her push her around. Very bright and to the point.
Quincy has guided me to living a beautiful life full of freedom and self love.