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Coaching Strengths

Meet Quincy, a seasoned emotional intelligence coach with over twenty years of unparalleled experience in transforming lives both professionally and personally. Quincy’s strengths lie in her deep-seated understanding of human emotions, exceptional empathy, and a proven ability to foster meaningful connections and personal growth. With a unique blend of evidence-based techniques, practical tools, and a warm, engaging coaching style, Quincy guides individuals on a journey toward enhanced self-awareness, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. Whether working with corporate leaders seeking to enhance team dynamics or individuals aspiring to improve personal relationships, Quincy’s expertise and dedication make her a trusted and transformative presence in the realm of emotional intelligence.

Act now to unlock your potential and start creating the life of your dreams. With Quincy's expert guidance and personalized strategies, you'll break barriers, overcome obstacles, and transform your vision into reality. Don't wait—the sooner you take action, the sooner you can start living your best life. Purchase the right coaching package for you and schedule your first session with Quincy today and embark on a journey of unparalleled growth and self-discovery.

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Unlock Your Potential: 6-Month Group Coaching Program to Boost Emotional Intelligence.

Elevate your personal and professional life with our Intelligence transformative 6-Month Group Coaching Program, expertly designed to supercharge your emotional intelligence (EI). Imagine navigating your career with heightened self-awareness, understanding and managing emotions effectively, fostering stronger relationships, and making more empathetic, insightful decisions. With enhanced EI, you'll enhance your leadership skills, improve team dynamics, and build a resilient mindset.

In our immersive program, you'll join a supportive community of like-minded people on the same journey of self-improvement. Through weekly group sessions led by Quincy (a seasoned EI coach), you'll engage in interactive discussions, participate in powerful exercises, and receive actionable insights tailored to your unique experiences and goals. You’ll also benefit from curated resources, personalized assignments, and the collective wisdom of your group peers.

What You Will Gain

Enhanced Self-Awareness: Discover your emotional triggers and understand their impact on your behavior.
Increased Self-Regulation: Learn strategies to manage stress, control impulses, and adapt to changing circumstances.
Improved Social Skills: Build strong, effective relationships and navigate social complexities with ease.
Empathetic Leadership: Cultivate empathy to inspire and motivate others both personally and professionally.
Better Decision-Making: Use heightened EI to make decisions that are balanced and well-informed.

By the end of this six-month journey, you'll have gained not only the skills but the mindset needed to thrive in any environment. Invest in yourself today, and unlock the doors to a more emotionally intelligent future.

Join our Empowered Living: 6-Month Group Coaching Program and watch as every aspect of your life transforms for the better. Spaces are limited to ensure a high-quality, impactful experience, so secure your spot today!

Transform Yourself: 6-Month Individual Intensive Coaching Program to Elevate your personal and professional life with our Emotional Intelligence.

Embark on a journey of profound personal and professional growth with our elite 6-Month Individual Intensive Coaching Program, designed to significantly amplify your emotional intelligence (EI). Tailored exclusively for you, this program grants unparalleled focus and personalized strategies to help you master the complexities of your emotions, forge stronger relationships, and make more nuanced decisions. With heightened EI, you'll
unlock a new realm of leadership capabilities, improve your social interactions, and build exceptional resilience.

Our one-on-one coaching sessions, led by Quincy (an experienced
and dedicated EI expert), offers a confidential and nurturing environment where your unique challenges and goals take center stage. Through personalized sessions, curated assessments, and actionable insights, you'll receive the hands-on guidance needed to evolve your emotional intelligence to its highest potential.

What You Will Gain

Profound Self-Awareness: Uncover deep insights into your emotional patterns and behaviors, and understand their impact on your life.
Exemplary Self-Regulation: Master techniques to manage stress, maintain composure, and adapt seamlessly to new circumstances.
Enhanced Relationship Skills: Develop the skills to connect deeply with others, build trust, and navigate social intricacies effortlessly.
Empowering Leadership: Harness empathy and awareness to lead with authenticity and inspire those around you.
Superior Decision-Making: Leverage superior EI to make choices that are balanced, thoughtful, and strategic.

Over the course of six transformative months, you'll cultivate the emotional acuity required to excel in all facets of your life. With personalized strategies and ongoing support, you will emerge more confident, empathetic, and capable of handling any challenge.

Commit to unparalleled self-growth with our 6-Month Individual Intensive Coaching Program. Limited slots are available to ensure focused, high-impact coaching—secure your exclusive opportunity to transform today!

What they're saying...

Corporate and Team Coaching

Mastering Emotional Intelligence: A 6-Month Corporate Coaching Program

Program Overview: This 6-month coaching program is designed to enhance the emotional intelligence (EI) of company leaders, employees, and human resource (HR) departments. By focusing on self-awareness, empathy, emotional regulation, motivation, and social skills, this program aims to foster a more cohesive, productive, and emotionally intelligent workplace.

Month 1: Foundations of Emotional Intelligence
Week 1-2: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
Overview of the EI model: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.
Importance of EI in the workplace.
Week 3-4: Self-Assessment and Baseline Evaluation
 Conduct EI assessments for all participants.
Individual baseline feedback sessions to identify strengths and areas for development.

Month 2: Self-Awareness
Week 1-2: Understanding Emotions
Workshops on recognizing and labeling emotions.
Tools for developing greater self-awareness.
Week 3-4: Reflective Practices
Journaling exercises to track emotional triggers and responses.
One-on-one coaching sessions to discuss insights and progress.

Month 3: Self-Regulation
Week 1-2: Managing Emotions
Techniques for emotional regulation and stress management.
Building resilience through mindfulness and relaxation practices.
Week 3-4: Practical Application
Role-playing scenarios to practice self-regulation.
Group discussions on real-life applications and challenges

Month 4: Motivation
Week 1-2: Understanding Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation
Workshops on aligning personal and organizational goals.
Setting SMART goals for personal and professional growth.
Week 3-4: Cultivating a Growth Mindset
Strategies for fostering a positive and proactive workplace culture.
Peer coaching sessions to support goal achievement.

Month 5: Empathy and Social Skills
Week 1-2: Building Empathy
Exercises to enhance active listening and empathic communication.
Understanding and respecting diverse perspectives.
Week 3-4: Enhancing Social Skills
Developing conflict resolution skills and teamwork.
Networking and relationship-building strategies.

Month 6: Integration and Application
Week 1-2: Implementing EI in Leadership
Training sessions for leaders on applying EI in decision-making and team management.
Case studies of successful EI integration in corporate settings.
Week 3-4: Sustaining Emotional Intelligence
Creating action plans for continuous EI development.
Feedback and final assessments to measure progress and set future goals.

Program Deliverables

Expected Outcomes

  • Individual and team EI assessments and progress reports.
  • Personalized coaching sessions and ongoing support.
  • Comprehensive resources, including guides, workbooks, and practical tools.
  • A certificate of completion for participants who successfully finish the program.
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence across all levels of the organization.
  • Improved communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution within teams.
  • Greater self-awareness and self-regulation among leaders and employees.
  • A more motivated, engaged, and resilient workforce.

What They'reSaying...


Quincy’s style of coaching has been life-changing for me. She has shown me useful strategies that I can implement daily to see where the compassion derives from in my marriage of over 26 years that I was never able to recognize before. The dynamics in my marriage have changed considerably and my husband has been able to see another side of me that has been buried. Many thanks to Quincy for her devotion in her work.


Quincy is one of the most amazing human beings that you can know and work with. When I found her I was a broken shell of a person. She helped bring me back from the depths of the mess I was in. She taught me how to be a functioning member of society, and through this process she has grown to be not only a teacher, but someone I call friend. Anything I do in my life I run by her in her guidance and expertise, whether it be romance, business, or life in general, she always has the right answers and I know that if I take the steps she has laid out for me that I am going to be ok. If you have not met or have had a chance to converse with this woman, please do yourself a favor and give her a call. Just taking the action of having a conversation with her will inspire you to want to make a change for the better. I could go on and on about her because I am eternally grateful for her and the brightness she has brought into my life. THANK YOU, QUINCY!

Why coaching?

  • Are you currently experiencing a sense of stagnation or dissatisfaction?

  • Are you yearning for change in your life but uncertain about the path to create it?

  • Do you find your relationships, both with yourself and others, lacking fulfillment?

  • Are you caught in the trap of comparing yourself to others, unsure of your own desires and needs?

  • Do you desire greater access to happiness?

  • Struggling with setting boundaries in your relationships, leading to feelings of resentment?

  • Would you like to cultivate more confidence and empowerment in your life?

If you resonate with any of these, private coaching is the ideal solution.

Refund Policy

To become enrolled in “the program” there must be payment, a signed agreement and a clear first session start date.Refunds will only be provided before the first scheduled session is attended. Once that first session is attended there will be No Refunds. QWC abides by a strict no-refund policy. By entering into this Agreement, YOU agree and understand that you are permanently waiving the right to seek or claim any refund of the Program Fee. YOU further acknowledge, represent,warrant and agree that, by entering into this Agreement, YOU are taking full responsibility for YOUR own success and therefore YOU will not request a refund.